ArchLoot Beginners’ Guide

To web2 and web3 gamers,

Here is the official guide of ArchLoot game to help you start the journey. It covers avatar intro, game interface orientation, NFT body parts attributes, skills, and more. If you have questions about these topics or other gameplay details, please feel free to join our community to seek help.


ArchLoot is a free-to-play web3 game that allows all users to enter without any investment. Log in with your email, and you can choose between the following characters to start the journey.

Game Interface


Section A displays key information: Name, Current time, Health, Pet system, Achievement system, Backpack, Store, Change avatar


Section B displays the amount of $ALT and $ALG in this account.


Section C contains Settings, Mail, Daily quest and the map.


Section D is the controlling console where you can move your fingers towards different directions to move your monster.


Section E displays all applicable skills. The skill set is decided by what body parts are used to assemble the monster. The upper right corner locates the medicine which can be used during or between battles to restore health.


Section F displays the EXP and network status. For instance, the screenshot above indicates the gamer has gained 273 EXP among the 741 EXP required to reach the next level.

Buildings on the Master Island

Avatar Setting

The whole setting of an ArchLoot avatar comprises basic stats and additional stats. Basics stats is generally decided by their in-game levels and body part attributes; while additional stats requires certain skilled body parts, in-game enhancement and gene chain effects.

Part 1 — Basic Stats

Part 2 — Skills

Building on that, gamers can unlock Gene Chain to be more powerful. Obtaining various Gene Chains, which can be used to enhance the torso, will make the avatar much more powerful. The more chains you apply, the more efficient effects you can see. It enriches your gaming experience by introducing these extra attributes:

That’s just the start of the game. ArchLoot is anticipated and loved as an enriched game with abundant content. Come see it for your own! We’re looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming open beta test!